What is the Adult Circumcision Procedure Process?

The Circumcision Center® Process

We have made the process of getting an adult circumcision as easy and stress-free as possible.

Here is what you can expect.

Step One.
Phone Consultation

Call us or email us to request a phone consultation with our Circumcision Care Coordinator. In this private consultation, we will discuss your options for adult circumcision and review if you are a candidate. We can answer any questions that you have.

Step Two.
Schedule Procedure

We will work with you to schedule a convenient time for your doctor's in-person consultation and procedure, which can be on the same day if you so wish.

Step Three.
In-Office Consult and Procedure

The entire process can take about two hours, which includes the consult and circumcisions. Because we only use local anesthesia, you can come alone and drive yourself home or back to your hotel.

Step Four.

You will be given specific post-operative instructions.  We suggest a week of only moderate activity (non-strenuous) following circumcision. Sedentary activity and travel are possible on the same day.

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Traveling from out of town?

The Atlanta airport is a massive travel hub that makes it easy for circumcision patients to travel from all over the United States - and the world - to receive the highest quality circumcision treatment.

Patients have come to Dr. Cornell from all 50 states and many other countries.