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C. E., Tennessee

Hi Dr. Cornell,

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did tightening the loose skin from my penis. When no other doctor would accept the challenge, you did, and you did a great job. I also want to thank you for being so attentive to the pain that I was worried about pre op. I was touched by how concerned you were that I was kept comfortable during the surgery. In addition, I don't know of any doctor anywhere who actually gives their personal cell number to their patients. You were there for me even at 9pm at night when I needed some reassurance. In my 50 years, I've never come across a nicer, more compassionate doctor and for that I thank you. Be well Dr Cornell and God bless.


Hi Dr. Cornell, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my outcome and let you know that if you would like to, you can use these outcome images on your website. You do fantastic work and I am very thankful.


I just wanted to follow up with you at the three week "you can use it" milestone to let you know my penis looks great and that you did an incredible job! Until now I hadn't really read the reviews on your site, but I looked at them tonight to see what other people usually say, and they all share what were going to be my sentiments--you and your staff were so kind and knowledgeable, the result is better than I ever could have hoped for, and I'm so glad I came to you!

B.G.O. Seattle, WA

As a 32 year old researching the who, what, when, how and how much for years before deciding to go to Dr. Cornell I am glad I did. There isn't a more sensitive topic so to speak and you want a Dr. who is on your same level of understanding, focus and care. Dr. Cornell is on a whole other level and you will understand when you meet him. He is a very likable person along with his staff and I actually enjoyed the experience. I would highly recommend you save your money and go to Dr. Cornell and not a random urologist. There is a lot to consider! Do not sell yourself short.

Thank You Dr. Cornell for doing what you do keep it up.

S.E, Illinois

I apologize that it has taken me so long to follow up with you in regards to my procedure; school has been busy! It has now been one month since my procedure, and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I want to thank you and your amazing staff for your professionalism, discreetness and accommodation during my trip to Atlanta. You were, beyond comparison, the most skilled and sincere physician (and staff) I came across during my search, and you certainly delivered in due fashion. Thank you, again, for a terrific outcome, and an overall first-class experience.

J.H, United Kingdom

Just like to say how much I appreciated your care during my revision procedure last month. You and your staff have a great attitude. I felt the whole visit to Atlanta and its surrounding area was most positive. I met some really nice people and saw parts of the US that I most likely would have never otherwise experienced. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing-- including staying a week for suture removal. Ok, ok, I wouldn't spend another night at Helen! So how about the result? It's healed just great in only 6 weeks and has turned out exactly how I wanted. I put the quick healing down to Vit C, arnica, mederma . . . and your surgical skills (of course). 🙂 Thanks again.

G.L., North Carolina

I visited Dr. Cornell's Office on Monday in Nov 09 after setting up an appointment for consultation and procedure (revision). I flew in the same day from North Carolina. The staff at the front desk greeted me with a smiling face and asked me if I wanted coffee or water. After filling in some forms, I was called into a room and was introduced to Dr. Cornell. Dr. Cornell was very polite and professional. He asked me about my preference and if there was anything I had in mind regarding the outcome of the procedure. I shared some thoughts and Dr. Cornell simply said, that is not a problem and can be accommodated. After that, Dr. Cornell administered the local anesthesia and I only felt a pinch. Then I was told to follow the nurse to a different room where the procedure was going to be performed. In that room, I met Dr. Cornell's assistant. He was very professional as well. While we were waiting for Dr. Cornell to arrive, he and I chatted a bit about our favorite basketball team. Once Dr. Cornell arrived, everything went on smoothly. While Dr. Cornell was working on the procedure, he kept me informed as to what he was doing. He assured me that I would be very pleased with the results. After about 45 minutes, we were done. I was told to come back next Monday for suture removal. I opted for this kind instead the dissolvable. I headed back to the airport to catch the flight back home. On the way, I picked up prescription drugs from Concord pharmacy. I did not have to use a pain killer or amyl nitrite. I only took the antibiotics. The next week, I flew in again on Monday and Dr. Cornell removed the sutures and asked me to call or e-mail him if I had any questions. Today, I removed the bandage (after 14 days) and I was amazed to see the outcome. Dr. Cornell is indeed a genius. I wished I had known about him 7 years ago when I went through the first procedure. Had Dr. Cornell done the first time, I would not have needed a revision. I am very satisfied with my experience and results. The recovery was fast and painless. I would recommend Dr. Cornell's services to everyone. If anyone thinking about the procedure and reading the reviews, please take the appointment, you will not regret your decision but you will be amazed and Dr. Cornell will ensure your satisfaction. Thank you, Dr. Cornell for everything. You are truly an amazing person.

R.D., South Africa

I am from South Africa, 30 years old. I have always had phimosis (unretractable foreskin). Later in life this led to problems with erectile function due to limited sensation. I had 2 procedures before to try and resolve the issue. This led to tight foreskin on the first occasion and a serious inflammation of my foreskin that continues even up to 6 months later. I contacted David about this and decided to choose him as he seemed to take special pride and care in his work. I had the circumcision done, and despite some residual inflammation up to 8 weeks later, this resolved completely. The circumcision gets better and better as it heals up . . . it takes a year to fully appreciate the effects of his surgery, so I suggest being patient. I have some loss/difference in sensation due to circumcision, however, I am very happy with it. The healing took place quickly. I had to take the bandage off at day 4 and re-bandage as I was somewhat concerned over the "smelly" result. This was not a problem at all. The antibiotics took care of everything and there was no problem. I traveled +/- 15,000km to use David's services and consider it worthwhile. It was expensive, but seeing as you (hopefully) will have it done only once in your life, I would highly recommend his services,

P.S., Arizona

The scar has healed wonderfully. After only three months, it's practically unnoticeable. You do great work, and you've been nothing but a pleasure to communicate with.

F.F., Texas

I do want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my circumcision. I really like my circumcision and the new outlook it has given me. I just wish I would have done this some time ago. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants a circumcision. Also, the recovery was very good even though I panicked a little when there was some leakage on my bandage, but it was very minor. Thanks again.

R.M., Utah

Well, it's been 3 months now since you performed my circumcision. It's hard to explain how well things have gone since the procedure except to say that everything is better! No infections, and the incision has healed up nicely and everything is smoothing out now. I worried about the sensitivity issue after circumcision, but that has improved too. In fact, sensitivity is BETTER now! - a very pleasant suprise. I know that men in the group have said that sensitivity improves, but it's hard to believe until you've experienced it. It's different now, but definately better. I should add that my wife seems pleased with the outcome too. Thank you for taking time to listen to my fairly awkward description of my desire for a 'normal' - not 'extreme' - circumcision. I admit that I'm a prude, and the whole idea of discussing this with you made me uncomfortable. But you took the time to make me feel at ease and I greatly appreciated that. I discussed the circumcision with my family practice Dr. during a recent physical. He was very supportive of my decision and stated that he thought that circumcision was the right thing to do in my situation. Thanks again, Dr. Cornell. I recommend you highly to anyone who is interested in this procedure. Take care.

H.F., New York

Hello Dr. Cornell, I went to you for a circumcision some time ago. I have never taken the time to tell you of my experience with your staff. Tonight as I was cleaning my home, work area, I found your address on papers your staff had sent me before I had the procedure. So here is my opinion of your services: Although late, I want to let you know that I am still extremely pleased with the way the circumcision turned out. I was so concerned at my arrival and yet your courteous staff was very professional and helped put my fears to rest. Your examination was quick and respectful. Your assistant in the operation room was very nice and showed the same level of professionalism as everyone else. The actual procedure was scary for me, but I was so pleased to see that foreskin go. You took off just the right amount. The swelling lasted a couple of days and was alleviated by the important medicine you prescribed. On a humorous side, I have to say that the only thing I was sad to see go was the size of my *** after the swelling was gone. However, it still functions just as good as it did before the circumcision. Overall, I would rate your medical services 100%. Well worth the trip from NY. To you and all you staff, thank you.

Ontario, Canada

This is just a quick note to express my satisfaction with Dr. Cornell and his staff. As I was travelling from out of town, I was given adequate accommodation suggestion and accurate directions to the hotel and the office. The procedure itself was painless and the recovery has been going well. Dr. Cornell also took the time to address all my post op concerns via email. Being a medical professional myself, I can appreciate a Dr. who takes the time to communicate with his patients. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous, Virginia

Hello Dr. Cornell:

I went to you for a circumcision revision three or four summers ago. You did a revision of a poorly executed circumcision done by a blind, one-handed surgeon in about 1924 in Virginia. He didn't leave you much inner foreskin to work with. I'll say that the boost you gave my self-image and body-image was worth many times what I paid you for the revision. I was so nervous in your patient waiting area that I could hardly fill out the requisite forms I was given. But then, when you called me back for the exam, you made me feel so comepletely at ease. I am still loving the way it looks. Perhaps the best tribute to your work is that prior to my revision, I'd only take off my pants in another's presence after the light was off. Now, I drop my pants with confidence and I don't care who see's it.

J.R., Texas

Dr. Cornell,

Happy New Year to you! My outcome is just what I hoped for. The scar is barely noticeable now, and all swelling is completely gone. Thank you, thank you, for an excellent job.

T.F., Massachusetts

Hello Dr. Cornell,

Almost three months already. I am loving the result. Everyday I look at it and say, wow I'm finally normal, like I was born like that. Absolutely no odor or moisture. Clean as a whistle. I'm so glad I spent the money I did for the best work possible. I actually call your quality of work an artform. Hope to talk with you again soon.

A.P., New York

Hi Dr. Cornell,

It's been almost seven months after my surgery. Amazing Dr., I'm totally perfect. You have performed a VERY GOOD JOB. Personally, I would recommend you to everybody, (Y esas personas que hablan espanol, Dr. Cornell hace un buen trabajo, Lo recomiendo). Thanks. Grasias.

C. V., Massachusetts

Dear Dr. David Cornell,

It has been some six months since I visited your well appointed medical suite in Atlanta. As I aged, my foreskin began to elongate and become, when flaccid, somewhat stretched out and floppy. I realized that the circumcised penis, particularly on older men, is far more masculine, youthful looking, and appealing. Enter Dr. Cornell, the urologist recommended to do the surgery. When I first met Dr. Cornell and impressed my concerns about the procedure, he assured me that any decision I made, to go for it or to pass on it, was strictly my own choice. I decided then and there to have Dr. Cornell remove my foreskin. When Dr. Cornell began the surgery, I felt no pain whatsoever. I trusted him, and indeed, he deserved my trust. The six week recovery period was shorter than I had expected. For any man I heartily recommend the services of Dr. David Cornell. Dr. Cornell is the ultimate artist sculptor of man. And now, knowing both the before and after scenarios, every time I look at my penis, I'm delighted.

J.P., Colorado

Hi Dr. Cornell,

Well, it has been just over three months since my circumcision, so I wanted to drop you a line and give you a follow up. Everything healed with no complications. The appearance is exactly what I had hoped for. Several friends that had seen me nude before and have seen me after have commented on how nice it looked. I have only one regret about the whole thing and that is that I did not find a doctor like you some 50 years earlier. Keep up the good work!

J.T., Ohio

Hi Dr. Cornell,

Just a note to thank you for my circumcision revision done several years ago. I am very happy and the outcome looks great. I had no problems as well. I can't believe I waited so long to have it done. It is unfortunate that the anti circ sites don't really understand how a man feels about this.

L.A., Texas

Hi Dr. Cornell,

I just want to say a big thank you for my circumcision on my visit to Atlanta for spring break. I feel so confident now I don't have that long foreskin attached to me. I recovered great with hardly any pain. I was worried about bursting the dissovable stitches while sleeping, but those inhalant thingys really helped that significantly. I will send you some pictures from my recovery. Thank you again!!!

J.R., Louisiana

Every man/boy should have this done. Dr. Cornell is the uncompromised expert. He should have a line outside his door! Everything is right there. You catch the metro from the airport, walk a short distance to his office, meet with a very pleasant nurse/receptionist [so when she promised me that it would not hurt, how did she know?]. Downstairs is the pharmacist who fills the prescriptions in just a few minutes, then again, a short walk to the metro and then to the airport. From start to finish it was one day. Everything went like clockwork.

G.M., Wisconsin

Hello Dr. Cornell,

Whenever I see my penis, there isn't a day that goes by that I can't honestly say I am incredibly happy with the decision to get circumcised. I am very happy with the results and I don't regret this decision. Sensitivity is at it's peak and it looks amazing. Of course being able to trust in a doctor with as much experience and skilled technique as you, was great. Thank you!

F.M., Florida

Hi Dr. Cornell,

Just a quick note to update you on the revision you did 16 days ago. Yesterday, I removed the dressing carefully as per your instructions and I was surprised how good it already looks (no discernable suture marks whatsoever!). When I had the initial circumcision done, things were pretty black and blue down there although, to be fair, the urologist who did it had warned me that this would be the case. This time around it looks as if the would healing is much farther along (I'd expected it to look a lot worse at this point based on my first experience) so, I wanted to thank you and your staff for a great job. Humor aside, I don't imagine that having surgery on your willy is probably on most guys' top ten list, but you and your colleagues made it very easy and straight forward. I just wish you'd been doing this for the first time around, but I'm grateful to have found you for the revision (your website is great--very informative on the issues.)

C.W., California

Dr. Cornell,

First, I would like to thank you for the excellent circumcision revision that you performed on me last fall. I am 100% satisfied with the results and consider myself most fortunate to have discovered you. Thanks.

S.C., Northern Maine

Dear Dr. Cornell,

Just wanted to thank you for a nice job done on my circumcision revision one year ago. I showed up very frustrated because I went through this procedure earlier at my local hospital, but it left me with most of my original foreskin. I thought that maybe I couldn't possibly get a decent clean cut anymore. But, the trip to Buckhead was great. Your staff treated me like a king. Your assistant was extremely comforting and the circ is great--tight, high, and clean. If I ever need a revisitation, rest assured I'll return. Thank you for your kindness, attention to detail, and professionalism.

D.D., New York

Hello everyone,

I have written in before with questions and now I can share my own experiences. This past Monday I was circumcised by Dr. Cornell. This of course was a major step for me, in more ways than one. I had never really traveled much before, so this was a first for me to fly and to leave the North. My flight went well, traveling from the airpoprt via MARTA and to the hotel was all very streamlined. I arrived at the hotel around 10:10AM and was lucky enough to check in early and have a bit of time to relax and freshen up before my appointment with Dr. Cornell. When I arrived for the appointment his staff was nothing but professional and extremely helpful. When I finally met Dr. Cornell for my appointment it was great to have spoken with him before as much anxiety was relieved. I felt very at ease. We spoke about my expectations and specifics regarding scar placement, etc. He examined me and injected the anesthetic--this was the only real pain I have felt, to this date. Once I was numb and on the procedure table, I laid back as the Doctor and his assistant began their work. We conversed a bit throughout the procedure and I honestly couldn't tell they had done anything until I heard electrocautery. Once I was stitched up and ready to go I was in very little discomfort--a slight ache and slight sting every now and then, but nothing worse than a scrape on your arm. The following day I followed up with Dr. Cornell at his office for a quick wound check and after getting his seal of approval, I was back at the airport and on my way again with no wrenches in the works. Everything went extremely smooth. So far the post operative care has not been bad at all. The pain is very well controlled and I have not needed to take the pain medication prescribed by Dr. Cornell. So far everything has gone as expected. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience and many thanks to Dr. Cornell for not only granting my long time dream, but for the skill that he put into the surgery! Thank you for everything Dr. Cornell!!!

S.K, New York

Dr. Cornell,

I wanted to update you on the status of the procedure. The bandages were removed and I'm amazed. It's practically completely healed with some minor swelling below the glans and in the frenulum area. I expected it to look horrible, but wow. Thank you very much!

R.S, Alabama

Dr. Cornell,

I just wanted to thank you for a job that appears very well & very professionally done. I took off my bandages on the 10th day (as you said) & could not believe how well I have already started to heal. It appears that the scar will be barely noticeable. Everything looks great & is looking better each day. I believe my circumcision will look just like I wanted it to be like. I also want to thank your entire staff, they were great. I also like the idea of having a male assistant with you during the circumcision surgery. I am not bashful, but it sure made me even more relaxed. I could not believe how there was hardly any pain during or after the surgery. Thanks again for a job well done & I would most definitely recommend your services for circumcision to anyone needing it done.

D.B., New York

Dr. Cornell,

Thank you so much for the great service and even better work. You're truely the master of your craft. I never felt more comfortable during a surgical procedure, and trust me, I've been through a few. This being my fourth and last. The recovery itself has been very easy. I didn't have to use any of the pain meds and I used the inhalants only few a times. On the 15th day I got into a warm bath and removed the bandages very easily. I could tell right away that it was going to turn out great. It's been a little less than a month now since I had my circumcision revision done and it looks amazing, and I know it will look even better as time goes on. The scar line is very fine and perfectly straight. There are no suture marks whatsoever, unlike the unsightly ones you removed from my previous circumcision. The disolvable sutures that were put in for this procedure were all out within a few days after taking off the bandages. I can't wait for the next few months to go by because I should be all healed by then. I've been waiting almost 5 years to have a circumcision I was completely happy with. This one is it! Once again, thank you, and please continue with the great service you provide men like myself who needed this procedure done with care and precision.

E.B., Washington DC

Dear Dr. Cornell,

Everything is going great! I think I'm almost fully recovered! The scar line looks better everyday, although it looked really good to begin with. The frenulum area looks like it might have a few more days or weeks yet, but other than that everything is perfect! This was something I waited at least 20 years to do, so I can't say thank you enough! I would also like to add, since I noticed a few people mentioned this, that the psychological benefit, well, what else can I say, but it's real. I expected there might be a small amount of self-esteem improvement, but if this is something anyone is at all insecure about, let me tell you, the way you'll feel when it's all said and done, it is something else. So just do it.

E.D., Maine

I had a 9AM appointment with Dr. C for a revision. I left his office at 11AM, picked up the 3 designated prescriptions, and proceeded to drive myself to Jacksonville, Florida where I was houseguesting. I only took the antibiotic! There was absolutely no pain, no discomfort, no nothing! I was very careful not to bang into anything or to otherwise traumatize my penis. I could have gone to business immediately afterward, if it had been necessary. Dr. C is very gentle and I've found that most surgeries have little aftershock if the surgeon is gentle. You will be in very good hands with nothing to worry about. Just follow his directions to the letter and you'll be just fine.

E.G., Atlanta, GA

Dear Dr. Cornell:

I am very pleased with the outcome of my circumcision revision. Although I was apprehensive as first, Dr. Cornell made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. After examining my penis, he consulted with me in order to better understand the outcome I was looking for. I had been fairly happy with my first circumcision except for a few things. First, the circumcision was too loose. The remaining foreskin would occasionally cover the rim of the head when I was flaccid (especially after a hot shower), and there was a bit of play when erect. Second, the scar line was slightly jagged. Finally, I wanted a smoother look on the underside. Dr. Cornell decided, with my input, to remove an additional 3 centimeters of outer foreskin (along with a little bit of inner foreskin) to tighten up the flaccid appearance and to remove the play when hard. He also advised that the frenulum be entirely removed to acheive the smooth look I wanted on the underside. After the consultation, Dr. Cornell injected the base of my penis in several different places to begin the numbing process. Even though I am very squeamish, I must admit that the injections did not hurt at all. After this, I was off to the operating room where I was instructed by Dr. Cornell's assistant to remove my clothes and given a paper sheet to wrap around my waist. After undressing, I got onto the operating table and Dr. Cornell came in, undid the paper sheet and began the procedure. He explained to me what he was doing at each step. Dr. Cornell was very conscious of any little grimace I made and would ask if I was feeling any discomfort or pain. At no time did I feel any pain, but I'm not the best about medical procedures and so I was nervous that I I might. The doctor gave me additional injections to put me at ease about possibly feeling any pain. After the procedure, Dr. Cornell showed me the results and I have to admit that I was very pleased right away. This feeling changed after the bandages came off and I got to see my swollen penis. Of course, this was perfectly normal but I wanted things to look great right away. However, my healing has progressed very well and I am now extremely happy with the results. My penis is very taut when erect, no play. And when flaccid, the head is always exposed. The circumcision scar line is perfectly straight and fine, with a nice shade differentiation. The underside of my penis, where the shaft meets the head, is very smooth. I had misgivings about removing the frenulum, but now I am glad I did. Due to the tightness of the skin, my erections are stronger and harder thean ever. I may be imagining things, but I think that the head flares wider than it did before. All I can say is that if you are contemplating a circumcision, revision, or having your frenulum removed, make an appointment with Dr. Cornell and have it done. You will not be dissapointed! Thanks Dr. Cornell!!

C.F., Lincoln, NB

I met with Dr. Cornell on Monday and was very impressed with his honesty and kindness, I just wanted to post this message to add to the building referral list for Dr. Cornell from his patients. He truly puts the best interest of his patients above anything else. I am fortunate to have had a circumcision at birth that resulted in a tight fit onto adulthood. When flaccid, the foreskin bunches up, however when erect, there is very little foreskin movement possible. I was interested in seeing if I could remove skin so that there wouldn't be as much bunching up when flaccid (flaccid < 3", erect > 6"). Dr. Cornell and I determined that it was not in my best interest to remove any skin, that being a "grower" will just involve some bunching while flaccid. I bring this up because my appointment was scheduled to take up a large part of his afternoon, and alot of physicians and/or professionals would have been upset, dissappointed, etc. . . . if their scheduled appointment resulted in no revenue and there was no chance of adding a client. Once we made the decision Dr. Cornell was in no hurry to end the consultation. In fact, he asked if there was anything else he could do for me--very professional, we spoke for a while before I left. Anyway, I just wanted anyone contemplating a consultation with Dr. Cornell to know that everything you have read about Dr. Cornell is true, he is very honest, professional, and kind.

R.D., Peoria, IL

Dr. Cornell,

The visit to Dr. Cornell April 21 has fully healed and is the exact result I was looking for. No bunching when flaccid and tight when erect and the feeling is much better during sex. Coupled with a viagra 100mg and a 65 year old is happy with the decision.

E.S., NJ

Dear Dr. Cornell,

I am very pleased with the results of the circumcision you performed for me. I am now 2 months post op and can see the scar line is more blended in and less visible. I also have more sensitivity since the frenulum was removed. Thank you for making me a new person.

J.G., PA

Hello Dr. Cornell!

I took off the bandage last Tuesday and all the stitches were out by Sunday. There was some swelling at first, but it went down in 24 hours. I've had no problems;extremely pleased with the results. Thanks again!

B.D, Orlando, FL


It has been almost a week since my circumcision last Monday and I am amazed. I have had no real pain, even while driving back home after the surgery, and I have not had to use any pain meds or inhalants. I, like many other of your clients, spent the better part of the night before the surgery worrying about the procedure and if I would feel any pain. I feel so stupid now because it has been so easy and my fears were just so unrealistic. The reason that I was so terrified was that I saw one of my friends go through the procedure with a doctor here with horrible results. He keeps telling me that he just cannot believe that I am going through this so easily. I feel that I owe it all to the procedure that you have perfected. I would truly like to thank you for your professionalism and your personable attitude towards your clients. You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. I must say I have never been so impressed with a doctor before and have never seen one take the personal interest in their clients that you take. I will keep you posted on my recovery, but do not anticipate any issues. Let me know if you would like before and after pictures and if you would like a testimonial after the healing is complete. Thanks again.

A.H, Savannah, GA

Hello Dr. Cornell,

I have been meaning to write for some time. Thanks so much for giving me a new and exciting lifestyle since my circumcision. Firstly, I always feel so much cleaner without the foreskin. It had become an obesession with me as to whether I was clean there every time I had sex to the point that in the later stages before the removal of it, I was wearing hair bands to hold it back. On the sexual side of things--well that has been incredible. I just seem to get harder and longer lasting erections and the sensation is well, just too good to describe. At first I was unsure if I had done the right thing, but now many months later and with total satisfaction I often wonder why I waited all those years and put myself through such mental and physical anguish. Thank you once again. Feel free to publish this at you discretion.

P.J, Morrisville, NC

Dear Dr. Cornell,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the great work you did. Although the first circumcision was a success two years ago with you, I still wanted to have a tighter fit and you were more than willing to accomodate me. It was about 2 weeks ago that you performed the second circumcision and I can't tell you how easy the recovery process has been. I haven't had to use any of the medication or inhalents that were prescribed and have felt no discomfort at all. I am 100% happy with the results and can't tell you how much of a life-difference something as simple as this has been to me. I have more confidence than I've ever had before. It might be a routine procedure, but its a life-changing experience for some such as myself. THANKS AGAIN!!

H.J., MS

Thanks to you and your staff for making my procedure go as smooth as it did. It has been about 3 weeks since my circumcision. Took the bandage off after 15 days without any problems. Everything is healing fine. Wish I had done this several years ago when I first started thinking about it.

J.P., NC

Dear Dr. Cornell,

It has been eight weeks since the procedure. I know I said thanks before--once the bandage came off--but now I can REALLY say thanks!! Each week that rolls by, things just continue to get better. To me, it's a bit funny. I fully expected the physical benefit and that is certainly realized. But I had not thought much about any possible psychological benefit. So, I must say psych/emotional has been well beyond any expectations I had (in the most positive way!

So, Doctor, thanks again for your excellent work. If you ever want to commission a satisfaction survey of your patients, you may certainly use me! P.S.--my wife thanks you too!

E.R., Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Cornell,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my circumcision revision you did for me. The scar line is very fine and I have a very tight shaft skin when erect. I only wish I could have come to you the first time. I would recommend you to anyone considering circumcision. Thank you.

RHS - Los Angeles, CA


I had my circumcision performed by Dr. Cornell nine weeks ago.

It goes without saying that I’m completely, totally and 100% happy with the outcome. I’m also much happier being circumcised – appearance, hygiene and sex in all forms is much better than it was when I was uncircumcised. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it. Although it’s probably a bit soon to tell, I’ve noticed absolutely no loss in sensitivity.

I also want to comment, for guys who’ve just been through it or are about to have it done, the appearance of the circumcision continues to improve for many, many weeks after the procedure, so don’t be too concerned about what it looks like for a while after the bandages come off. The scarring really smoothes and flattens out, and the tightness and tension you feel at first goes away as swelling due to the surgery goes away and everything heals. After a couple of months, it looks like you’ve been circumcised almost forever.

Thanks to Dr. David for a perfect job. I can’t emphasize enough the difference it makes having a surgeon who specializes in this procedure, and who is willing to recognize and accommodate the aesthetic aspect of it.

J.P., Clover, SC

Dr. Cornell,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the procedure you performed. The dressing came of easily and everything looks great. The whole experience from first contact with your staff, to the day I left your office after the procedure, was extremely pleasant. I wish I has known about you earlier. Thanks again!

G.M.,Toronto, Canada

I was circumcised by Dr. Dave just over a week ago and I can vouch for all the great things that people have said about him on the different Yahoo groups. With respect to pain, the procedure itself is not at all painful. The only minor discomfort I have experienced has been with the glans adjusting to being exposed to my underwear all the time. I haven't needed the pain medication Dr. Dave prescribed, though I have tried to be careful and not be too active in the past week. However, if you are already loosely cut, you probably won't have this issue.

It sounds like this is something you are very interested in, so I would suggest just booking your appointment in Atlanta and doing the consultation and circ all at once.

V.H., Helsinki, Finland

Hi David,

Thank you very much for providing your services. I definately feel that I got extraordinarily good value for my money. I also hope all the best for you and your career in the future. Usually in free-market economy, providing services like this, whose quality is so far beyond the common level, brings success. However, I consider that taking care of a patient this well is love towards a fellow person, regardless that it is business, and I thank you for that.

J.C. Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dr. Cornell-

This is just a brief word of thanks for your consultation and assistance leading into my prostate implant treatment last July and September-October. When Jesus healed ten men, only one of them returned to say thanks. I don't put you in quite the same category as Jesus, but I do want to say thanks for your professionalism and for the confidence which you helped me gain during the most critical moments of this adventure. My wife wants to thank you too. The wife's attitude is probably the best indicator of an outcome like this, and she's very grateful. Underline very.

K.R., SLC Utah

Hello Dr. Cornell,

I took the dressing off and I cannot believe how great it looks. I want you to know that this makes me feel so much better about myself. You are a Great man. I thank you again for making me and many others the person they want to be. I wish I had before and after pictures. Take care and keep up the great work. You are the best.

J.P., Raleigh, NC

Dr. Cornell,

Thank you so much for everything. This whole experience has been so smooth . . .

Most of all thank you for your work. You told me you would try to get things perfectly the way I wanted and you certainly did that. I cannot say thank you enough. My gosh, after 54 years, things are FINALLY the way I've wanted since I was a child. The removal of the mucosal tissue (where the pigment change was most prominent) was perfect. Again, I can't thank you enough.

S.C, Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Cornell,

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for the revision work that you performed for me. I am still in the healing process and am very pleased with the outcome. I feel (and look) like a new person. From my novice approach, the outcome could not be any better. I only wish I could have had it done right the first time, 20 years ago. Nonetheless, I am blessed to have found you and your staff to assist me in the revision work that you performed. I will update you again as the helaing process continues. Blessings.

R.B., Amory MS

Dr. David,

I really wanted to thank you and your staff!!!!! I really appreciate you for being so nice and yet professional. It is really a pleasure to find such a unique doctor. I was really nervous when I arrived at your office having worried all night and not being able to sleep, but you and your staff did a great job of making me feel at ease. As I have always heard . . . you only get one chance to make a first impression . . . well . . . YOU WERE WONDERFUL! I will be sure to give your name to my friends and family for their medical needs. I am doing great and have no discomfort. I really feel right now that I should have had the whole procedure, but I may do that in the near future. I also appreciate you taking time to look into my other problems of low testosterone levels. You are truly an amazing and unique individual! Words cannot convey my thanks and appreciation to you . . . Thanks.

E.R., Las Vegas NV

Dr. Cornell,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my circumcision revision you did for me on July 15, 2005. The scar line is very fine and I have a very tight shaft skin when erect, I only wish I could have come to you the first time. I would recommend you to anyone considering circumcision. Thank you.

S.P., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hello David,

On Monday, August 22, 2005 it will be precisely eight weeks since you performed the revision on June 27th, and it seems an appropriate moment to report again with feedback. During the past six weeks the recovery process has been progressing entirely as you would expect, and I have had unlimited pleasure from the new visual appearance, the new sensations and the performance of the 'new model'. I am still hugely pleased with the result. The degree of tightness is absolutely perfect. The glans remain exposed even when I am in the sitting position. During an erection, there is almost no permissible movement in the tight foreskin---exactly as I had hoped. I am absolutely 'over the moon' with the result of the revision, and I am convinced that the decision to make the trip to Atlanta was, without a shadow of doubt, the right one.

M.H., Seattle, Washington

Dear David,

II just want to say again, THANK YOU so much for everything that you have done to help me out with this. Thank you for being so easy to talk to, and being very easy to work with. I expected to be very uncomfortable having all of this done, but in fact it was the exact opposite. You really did put me at ease and I truly appreciate that. My trip back home was excellent. It seemed much shorter than the trip out to Atlanta. Also, I feel no pain. Talk with you soon.

J.D., Dayton, Ohio

Dear David,

In a word, things are "perfect" regarding my June 20th circumcision. I'm completely healed and my circumcision looks great--just exactly what I had hoped for in a final result. I am 100% satisfied (nay, delighted!) with the outcome of my circumcision. I never experienced any penile pain, either during the surgery or afterward. The result, cosmetically, is exactly what I had envisioned for my preferred outcome. There is not covering of my glans when I am flaccid, but the skin is taut when I'm erect--just as I had hoped it would be. Your skills in adult circumcision were all touted by others, David, and I can now add my first-hand experience to the chorus of other happy patients who have sought your advice. Thanks again for the excellence in both patient care and surgical expertise that you and your whole staff showed me. I would, and will, recommend you without reservation to any man wanting to be circumcised.

C.A., Boston, MA

Circumcision is just about the most personal and humbling thing any man could ever go through in their life. From the moment I made my appointment to when I arrived at the office, I was treated with respect and dignity. I was quite nervous going into this, but as soon I was greeted upon entering Dr. Cornell's office I was put at ease! My procedure with Dr. Cornell was a bit more complicated than most would experience, as I had a botched circumcision as an infant and needed extensive work performed. The procedure itself was almost relaxing! (This is coming from someone that doesn't even like going to the dentist!) There was no pain whatsoever during the procedure and, although I was prescribed them, I never needed pain meds during the recovery period! It's now been 23 weeks since my circumcision revision and I'm beaming with pride in my remodelled penis! I made some specific requests as to my outcome, and Dr. Cornell went out of his way to ensure that I got what I wanted. Dr. Cornell is an example of how ALL doctors should be with their patients-caring, understanding, and most of all, respectful to their wishes. If you're considering a circumcision, look no further, you've found the world's best!! Thanks David--you're the best!!

M.N., Detroit, Michigan

You'll be very impressed by him..he is an extremely rare breed..He's a physcian that is there for you! I had a revision done..and I'm very pleased with the results..I only wished I had known him a few years back when I was in my 30's and had the circumcision. Dr Cornell is top-notch professional all the'll be glad you contacted him and rest assured you'll be in great hands. He is well worth the trip.

T.L., Huntsville, AL

I (and my wife) continue to be greatly appreciative of the work you did. The result was even better than I had imagined for many years. Many Thanks.


I was recently able to have a circ revision which was something that i wanted for a long time. I was constantly having problems with the frenulum and some extra inner foreskin which was causing me pain and irritation. I happened to get really lucky and find Dr. David Cornell. He not only did exactly what i wanted (to correct the problems and still have it asthetically pleasing), but in doing so he made me feel very comfortable about having the procedure done. I was a bit nervy about having the procedure but he seemed place the confidence in me that everything would come out right, as it did. if anyone was having even the slightest wish to have a circ, I would highly recomend they talk with Dr. cornell. Thank you Dr. cornell for everything.

N.T., MD, New York

I am a practicing physician in New York for more than 20 years so I feel I am somewhat qualified to evaluate performance of another doctor. His technique is perfect. Local anesthesia I requested was completely done, i.e. there was no pain what so ever during the procedure. Whatever normal bleeding accured was controlled with the precision of a perfectionist, suturing was done using innovating ideas of cosmetically pleasing result afterwards. I believe that Dr. Cornell's surgery should be videotaped and studied by all other so called circumcisers. (May be as a CME-contineous medical education-course, mandated by most states for maintenance of license).I am not being fictitious here. Because of Dr.Cornell's excellent surgical technique there is a very little tissue damage that is why I didn't have any pain and didn't require any painkillers. And I had all of them in my bag, from regular Tylenol to Percocet . In conclusion, if you consider circ or re circ do yourself a favor and see THE BEST CIRCUMCISER IN THE COUNTRY, DR. DAVID CORNELL.

Chip, Atlanta, Georgia

If you're considering circumcision or in need of a super urologist...Dr. David is the man! He and his staff were absolutely wonderful. You enter feeling good about your visit and exit feeling even better that you went. His friendly and professional approach is great. For us in Atlanta, we are blessed guys to have him in our back door. For you outside of Atlanta, it will be worth the trip. Keep up the good work Dr. David! THANKS!

G.L., Cullman, Alabama

I want to thank Dr. David for a fine job. I was so comfortable that I think I fell asleep during part of the procedure. I would make the trip to your office from anywhere in the world to get the detailed attention you and your staff give!!! I absolutely can not sing your praises enough! I know I will have the smooth result that I wanted.


Patients are constantly complaining about their docs...stating that they are not only treated impolitely, but are made to feel that their opinions and observations are unimportant. You have combined clinical skills with empathy,compassion and artistry. Your patients are very lucky.

S.B., Tacoma, Washington

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Dave. He is one hell of a guy as well as a superb physician . I am sure that if at all possible he can give you what you want. I have wanted circumcision for years but was afraid and had anxiety, big time! Dr. Dave made me feel most comfortable and explained exactly what he would do. I was circumcised just over 2 weeks ago.Iam still healing and am kicking myself for not having it done years sooner. His aftercare has been great and he did not leave me hanging even though I live in Tacoma Wa.

John, Napa, California

If you have been searching for a credible doctor to perform your circumcision, search no further. Bookmark this site! I had been looking for about 6 years. There are a lot of websites that made me question this type of procedure, but Dr. Cornell's site was very informative, the testimonies were a huge help, and he did an incredible job. During the surgery Dr. Cornell put me right at ease with a simple conversation. He will entertain any question you have pre or post surgery. He really does care about his patients.

You will not be disappointed. Now I will admit 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week later I was not sure I did the right thing. Even when the bandages came off I thought what did I do. Now 4 weeks later I could not be more pleased. Go to Dr. Cornell if you are serious about this. Ask his staff questions, they are great! They made me feel so comfortable that in the future I will look to Dr. Cornell for any medical advice as I feel he is the best doctor I have ever seen.

J.W., Ocean City, Maryland

Everything has healed great...I am very impressed with the results and my wife is as well. Congratulations on a job well done. I'll send you some pics in a couple weeks. Thanks again.

R.W., Memphis, Tennessee

Three weeks ago you performed a circumcision revision for me, and I wanted to let you know that the procedure has gone well. You estimated well, and my glans is now fully and cleanly exposed, just as I desired. I am already tell that the result is more pleasing cosmetically and more comfortable physically. The recovery was almost painless, as was the procedure itself. I would compare it to the pain of a paper cut on the finger. In closing let me just say that your Circumcision Center provides a unique and needed service, for those men who somehow missed this procedure at birth and who desire it in adulthood (believe me it was for me very humiliating to be the only boy in gym class with a foreskin!) Your office spared me from what could have been an embarrassing or at least a humbling experience. You and your staff treated me with complete dignity and in a compassionate informative manner, and I hope your good work will help many others with similar needs. I am only sorry I waited so long.

R.M., Waco, Texas

Just had to say I made a recent visit to Dr. Dave and he was great and his staff was excellent. I highly recommend that before any of you guys out there who are thinking of letting just anyone work on your manhood don't do it. Do it right and go to "The Doctor"...Special thanks to Dr. Dave, Jeff you were all very kind and a great team.

J.U., Tampa, Florida

"You did an awesome job. No more torn frenulum or bent penis. It's straight as can be .My wife notes a big difference in no more tearing by the frenulum as do I. Total removal of the frenulum is the only way to go in my opinion. Glad I drove to Atlanta and requested your expertise for the procedure. Ninety days and the scarring is pretty much all healed did a great revision.

M.W., Atlanta, Georgia

I had Dr. Cornell do my circ 10 days ago. WOW! What a great Dr. I am very pleased with the results.

D.P., Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

As far as sensations, I must say that I seem to have much more feeling than I did before. It is wonderful. I am actually quite surprised by that fact, after reading about the supposed loss of feeling. Again, I must say that Dr. Cornell did a great job. Aside from his great technical abilities, I think that one of his best attributes is that he is very aware of the fact that this is a very sensitive issue for many men. He makes you feel comfortable with the decision to have the procedure done. Additionally, people have mentioned a change emotionally and psychologically after having the procedure done. This is true for me. As strange as it sounds, I do feel different, and seem to have more self-condifence.

I.S., Charleston, South Carolina

Just when I couldn't improve myself, you gave me something else to be vain about! I really appreciate your skill and the care you showed me. Your help has removed the very last "ounce of shyness" I had! Thank you again.

G.M., Cleveland, Ohio

I met with Dr. Cornell this Monday for some modification work and I am extremely pleased with the result, and the professional, but at the same time personal, manner that the office is run. When I first made the appointment I was a little apprehensive about the reception I would get from his staff. My fear was totally unfounded. Anyone that is hesitant about having a procedure done because you feel that you might be embarrassed to talk about it to a female or to have a female nurse see you or know what is happening, fear not. That will not happen.

Dr. Cornell is not an assembly line doctor! He really cares, and takes his time with you to ensure that you are pleased and well taken care of. We need more Dr. Cornell trained physicians around the country that are as willing as he is to do the job right and to the patient's desires...Seriously, I found Dr. Cornell to be the best and friendliest doctor I have ever encountered.

V.S., Fargo, North Dakota

After having a circumcision revision surgery by Dr. David, plus meeting with his outstanding staff, I can say that there is not a finer surgeon doing circumcisions here in the United States. Dr. David does superb circumcisions: the VERY BEST. Moreover, he is a Southern gentleman. On a personal basic, I found him to be a very caring & most compassionate human being. He makes one feel at home when visiting with him. As to his surgical skills, my own doctor said to me, "There are few surgeons that can achieve such outstanding cosmetic results." He is absolutely correct in his evaluation. A person who goes to Dr. David for an original circumcision or a revision, will not be displeased, but grateful that they took the time to travel to Atlanta for the surgery. One could not be in finer or more skillful hands.

P.B., Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thanks Dr. Cornell, I hope you remember me, your international patient from Brazil! I am happy this is good procedure. All has gone well since the procedure three weeks ago. Healing is 100% and so is esthetical result. Best regards to you and the boys at the office.

Anonymous, Nebraska

I found out about a doctor in Florida over the internet. I flew down...and was circumcised. It did not take long for me to realize that I was truly disappointed with the results. It was much too loose even though I had requested a tight circumcision. In addition, there were enormous "train-track" scars all the way around from the stitches. I tried to deny my complaints, thinking that I simply had an unrealistic vision of what I wanted the final result of my circumcision to look like--i.e. a routine infant circumcision. I tried to convince myself that such results were probably impossible to recreate later in life. I tried to make myself feel satisfied with the results that I had, as I was feeling very disappointed. It took a while, about a year and a half, before I truly realized that my complaints were legitimate and that I really had received subpar results. I became confident that better results were possible. It was at this time that I was truly fortunate to find out about Dr. Cornell. After discussing my situation with him over email and finding him to be a very easy and understanding person to talk to, I flew down to Atlanta and received a revision from Dr. Cornell--only 18 months after my first circumcision. I am truly pleased to say that better results were possible, thanks to Dr. Cornell. In fact, the results were absolutely perfect. It would be impossible to distinguish my penis from one circumcised at birth. There are no stitch marks whatsoever, just a barely perceivable transition between skin and mucosa. And, the tightness is perfect with no movement of the shaft skin. Dr. Cornell is truly an artist and unquestionably the most skilled circumciser available. His results are absolutely perfect and his bedside manner is great too. Everything about my trip to Atlanta was great and Dr. Cornell did everything he could to accomodate me and give me the results that I had hoped for.

J.H., Boston, Massachusetts

So far I am completely pleased with the outcome and I am sure the appearance will only improve with time as things heal up. You did a really amazing job, especially compared to the scar I had before.

P.C., Salt Lake City, Utah

I am almost fully recovered from the revision. All I can say is WOW!

Millions of tightly cut men experience this all their lives and don't give it a second thought. For me it's been a long, strange trip that started in 1981. Three procedures and two doctors (one was a urologist) over the years and I still didn't have the tightness I had always wanted. Why can't MD's conceive of the idea that a guy wanting an adult circ would want it to be like what one sees on most men, who in this society are cut at birth? I wish I did'nt have to go through 4 recoveries to get to where I am today. Dr. David made me feel comfortable. Thank you, Dr. David, for your caring and skill. I wish there were more like you out there!

Greg, New Jersey

At first I visited a urologist local to my NY/NJ area. He wanted to give me his "standard" circ, which was low scar line with frenulum completely removed. I tried my best to explain to him the style I really wanted but he became annoyed and said I was doing too much reading. I decided to go elsewhere. I spoke to a few other urologists (they were equally puzzled by my request for this style of circ) before finally realizing that I needed to see an expert like Dr. David.

His office is in a very nice corporate area - modern buildings, clean streets, and not too crowded. Upon arriving at Dr. David's office I was pleased that it too was very clean, spacious and modern.

Being the big chicken that I was, I asked the doctor if my wife could be with me during the circumcision. He said no problem and had a chair placed in the operating room, right beside the operating table. During the operation I couldn't bring myself to look, so my wife gave me the play-by-play. I also chatted with Dr. David about the operation as well as circumcision topics in general. When he started sewing me up I finally got up the courage to look- the sutures looked to be in a straight line and located just where I wanted. He bandaged me up and we were all done - out of there in an hour! He gave me his cell phone number to call if any problems. I felt almost no pain after the operation.

Mike, Louisiana

It just could not have been a better experience. I was very apprehensive and for good reason but you and your staff really did a fine job of minimizing my fears. I wish I would have found your organization 10 years ago. Thanks.

T.L., Huntsville, Alabama

After researching circumcisions, the sleeve resection method became my obvious choice. I also thought that the procedure should be performed with just local anesthesia. Several years of intermittent research passed before I finally found The Circumcision Center's website. I was quite pleased when it appeared that Dr. David could do exactly what I wanted.

I visited Dr. David on a Monday afternoon after driving from Huntsville, AL. We discussed my idea for location of the suture line, and he explained a better option for both cosmetic and complication risk reduction considerations. After thanking him for changing my thoughts on that subject, he made precise measurements and marked he planned incision lines.We started the procedure very shortly after the consultation. The anesthesia was administered with less pain than I've experienced with most dental work. The procedure was performed in a very pleasant and personable environment, and I was on the road back to Huntsville before Atlanta's rush-hour(s) began. For pain, I just used Extra Strength Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and never required any of the pain medication which Dr. David prescribed. I am extremely pleased with both the functional and cosmetic results, especially the lack of any stitch marks. It's been a year since my procedure, and I couldn't be more pleased. First, all of the accolades provided on the Circumcision Center's website for Dr. David and his staff are absolutely true with no exaggerations. I am extremely grateful for the service they performed. The money I spent for the procedure is the best expenditure I've ever made.

D.P., Nottingham, England

Go see David without delay!!!! I just got back from Atlanta, last night after seeing David Friday morning!! Feeling very jet lagged but very happy so will keep this short and sweet!! I had a circ 18 months ago which was loose and had loads of lumpy stitch marks. I cant recommend David enough...I felt totally at ease before and during the whole procedure and watched the whole thing....amazing to see an artist at work...Hardly felt a thing!!! David removed the remnants of the frenulum, then proceeded with the sleeve resection. 4 cm was removed from the shaft skin leaving a tight cut with no bunching of the skin behind the head. All of the work was stiched and dressed. I cant wait to see the final results but what I saw before the circ was dressed looked like exactly or better than I had imagined...Thank you so much Dr. David!! Anyone thinking of having a circumcision or revision go and see David first because you won't get a better cut or service anywhere else.

F.B., Fresno, CA

Greetings from Fresno. Just to relate my experience. I decided to have a cricumcision for medical reasons following the suggestion of my local urologist. I was embarrassed to talk about it even with him, even after he suggested it. But to make a long story short, he scheduled the procedure and we never really discussed it since I assumed he would do what was best for me. Well he performed what I guess would be called a "low and loose" cut, which actually still left part of the glans covered when flacid. The previous medical problem, balanitis, recurred even after the circumcision and I made the decision to go to the "expert", Dr David Cornell in Atlanta. I was going to be in the Atlanta area on business for a couple of days and he generously worked me into his schedule for the time I would be there. He was great to talk with, asked lots of questions, and did a revision for me that produced the results which I had hoped for the first time. My point being, that, unless you can find a physician who is as well-informed, understanding and competent as Dr. Cornell, it is well worth the time, effort and investment to seek him out.

J.T. Torrance, CA

It has been 15 days since my visit and I removed the bandages today by sitting in a bathtub per the instructions. I was able to remove a few of the sutures by tugging with tweezers but most are not ready to come out yet. I will soak it daily until they are. I found that I didn't need to take the pain killer -just as you mentioned. I had to use the amyl nitrate a couple of times-that was really handy. Thanks again-I really appreciate what you have done.

Anonymous, Minneapolis, MN

It's been over a year since my circumcision and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Dr. Cornell treated my concerns with the greatest professionalism and care. If you are going to do it, get it done from a guy with the best technique and most experience. Thanks Dr. Cornell!

G.E. San Francisco, CA

consulted Dr. Cornell ealier this year for a circumcision revision and am exceptionally happy with the results. I learned performing a high quality circumcision is very much an art requiring thorough knowledge of tissue and anatomy, surgical approaches, and above all, the skill to apply this collective awarness to arrive at both functional and cosmetically pleasing results. Dr. Cornell has this expertise and by far does the best work I have ever seen and experienced. It is without reservation that I recommend David Cornell MD for all your circumcision and revision needs, knowing you will find an attentive and highly professional individual. He is sensitive to patient happiness and is dedicated to uncompromising excellence throughout his work.

C.H. Acworth, GA

Dear Dr. Cornell:

It has now been just over months since you performed my circumcision. The procedure and healing couldn't have been better, and I am pleased with the results. While I probably fall in a group of your "older" patients, I have never regretted my decision and only wish I had known about you and your practice years ago. Thanks for making the circumcision process much easier than I ever imagined, and thanks also to your staff, who were a tremendous help with some of my questions during the days that followed surgery. I appreciated your empathy, concern, and professionalism. I will not hesitate to contact your office should I have other urological needs in the future, and I would glady recommend your practice to others.

J.F. Boston, MA

It was two years ago today that you did a recircumcision on me, and I write to say thank you-again. As it happened, I flew into Atlanta from New Haven for the procedure. You may not recall the moment, but I do and I am deeply grateful for your kindness and competence. The circumcision is exactly what I thought it would be-and should be. At the time, I was just shy of my 65th birthday, obese, but otherwise healthy. The circ has left me content-for the first time in my life-with the ventral side of the glans exposed. The whole thing is both clean and dry-and its for this that I write just to say thank you! Without doubt, a circ is not a major event, I know-but is has given me major satisfaction.

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