Pre & Post Operation Instructions

Preoperative Instructions

  • You will not be given general anesthesia (you will not be put to sleep). Therefore, it is recommended that you eat before arriving.
  • Closely trim all of the pubic hair from the base of the penis.
  • You should have supportive underwear, such as briefs or boxer briefs, to wear after the circumcision. Feel free to bring reading material or a personal stereo with headphones.
  • Wear supportive underwear and elevate the penis on your abdomen to minimize swelling. It is also recommended that you limit fluid intake to an amount that satisfies your thirst. Excess fluids may lead to more swelling. Also, limit salt intake.

Post Operative Instructions

  • The dressing with which you leave the procedure holds the healing wound in place. Without it, the wound will become disrupted. After the procedure, you will be told how long to leave the dressing in place.
  • The dressing must be left in place for the specified duration. Cover the dressing with waterproof material for showering. The dressing may cause the urine stream to spray. Use a hair dryer to dry the dressing if it becomes wet.
  • To remove the dressing, sit in the tub, saturate it with water, and unwrap it. You should not expect the sutures to be ready to come out at this point, though in some cases, they may be. The sutures will break down and dissolve under the skin line such that it will not be obvious that they are dissolved. You should gently pull on the knots of the sutures with tweezers, and when they have dissolved, the sutures will pull out easily and painlessly. If it hurts when pulling on them, then stop and wait a few more days before trying again. Soaking in the bathtub and keeping the suture line lubricated with Neosporin and/or Vitamin E ointment will help the material dissolve more quickly. Some sutures will not be ready to come out until three or four weeks after the surgery.
  • Do not expect the wound to have a good cosmetic appearance when the dressing is removed. Be patient, and it will improve dramatically. The wound will improve dramatically over 4-12 weeks. Come back for an examination, text, or email photos if you have questions about healing.
  • Sexual activity may be resumed after one month.

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