The Adult Circumcision Surgery Technique: A Guide for Adult Men

The Adult Circumcision Surgery Technique: A Guide for Adult Men

The circumcision surgery remains one of the oldest surgical procedures, dating back to more than 4,000 years to the biblical Hebrews and ancient Egyptians. In the United States, circumcision is the most common surgical procedures that adult men opt for, where surgeons perform on over 1.2 million cases annually. In the surgical industry, this procedure takes the least time, a maximum time of 3-5 minutes from start to finish, (in some rare cases, an hour).

However, circumcision is one of the most controversial procedures that stimulate debate among physicians and sparking emotional arguments between non-medical groups. Before deciding on whether to opt for the surgery or not, everyone should understand the operation before deciding if it is right or not.

The foreskin is the skin that covers the head of the penis or the glans. In newborns, this foreskin adheres tightly to the glans. During the first few years of life, however, these tissues separate. Once a child reaches 5 years of age, the foreskin can retract away from the tip of the penis. In adults, the foreskin covers the glans when the penis is flaccid, but then retracts when it erects, exposing the glans.

Often, uncircumcised men are curious about the whole prospect of the adult circumcision surgery. For many, although the procedure may seem like a frightening one, thanks to modern science, the procedure now takes place under comfortable and safe measures. In addition, there are different methods available in circumcision to meet the needs of uncircumcised men.

Circumcision Vs. Uncircumcised: Which Is Better?

The decision to go through a circumcision surgery or not is a personal choice. Some men prefer to remain uncircumcised. However, many choose to go through adult circumcision surgery because of the great advantages that follow, including:

  • Lower risks of sexually transmitted diseases
  • prevention of the tight foreskin
  • More socially acceptable appearance
  • Lower risk of penile cancer
  • Lower risk of urinary tract infection

The Circumcision Technique

At Circumcision Center, we use the sleeve resection technique. This surgical procedure involves incisions made with a scalpel in the outer and inner mucosal surfaces of the penis foreskin. The foreskin comes off as a ring tissue. Through electrocautery, the bleeding stops. At the end of the procedure, the wound secures with suture closures (absorbable sutures). The utilized needle for the suturing is an atraumatic cosmetic surgery one. For additional closure, we use closure tapes to reduce the tension on the sutures, accurately and precisely on the edges. Finally, with a sterile compression, dressing helps to aid rapid healing and reduce marks.

There are other ways to circumcise an adult male. Each one of these produces different results. The types vary with regard to their tightness and position. Other common methods include:

  • Low and Tight Circumcision: in this method, the scar line will be closer to the glans. However, with a high and tight circumcision, the skin becomes tighter during an erection.
  • High and tight: with this circumcision, removal of more foreskin takes place, producing a scar line that is much closer to the middle of the shaft. The skin becomes tighter during an erection.
  • Low and Loose: With this, the scar line will be closer to the glans, but less foreskin removal takes place. This results in the looser skin when an erection takes place.

When you opt for a tight circumcision, you should be aware that the circumcision should not be a tight one. Although if you have a tight circumcision it doesn’t matter, as long as it feels comfortable, preferably the loose circumcision is a better option.

No matter your preference, it is important to note that the anatomy of each person has an effect on the procedure. When determining how much to circumcise, doctors have to consider this anatomy. Prior to the surgical procedure, doctors will discuss the issue with you so that they meet your expectations.

Learning More About Circumcision

Are you an uncircumcised man? If you want to know more about this surgical procedure, Circumcision Center is happy to explain the surgery to you, show you different types through pictures and help you decide on the best circumcision. Call us today to schedule a consultation.