Adult Circumcision Surgery as a Cure for Posthitis and Balanitis

Adult Circumcision Surgery as a Cure for Posthitis and Balanitis

October 2021

Today, circumcision remains a controversial topic, one that attracts a lot of attention but remains a low topic. Although about 80% of the population in the world does not practice circumcision, this surgical procedure could either be done for religious (rituals by Jews, Muslims, black Africans and others), or for a number of health reasons. According to some people, a prevalent reason for the adult circumcision surgery in the United States is due to the reason of health related problems or diseases.

In most cases, balanitis is a condition that adult men experience and it could call for the need of adult circumcision surgery. Often, two types of infections or inflammation occur in intact men. When inflammation occurs on the foreskin and the skin or glans underneath, this eventually leads to balanitis. However, when it occurs both on the foreskin and glans skin the medical name to refer to this condition is balanoposthitis. Either one of these conditions could be uncomfortable, or if you decide to leave them untreated, it could lead to other medical problems.

As mentioned above, balanitis is the inflammation of the head or end of the penis. A severe condition, the chances of its occurrence result at any age. Various causes could lead to it, including bacterial infections, thrush infections, sexually transmitted diseases, skin irritation or certain skin conditions, as well as the accumulation of smegma under the skin layers.

The Symptoms of Balanitis

If you experience this condition, the most common symptoms include soreness, irritation, and redness of the glans. It could range from just a small patch of redness to just the surface of the glans skin or the whole glans becomes painful and swollen. Sometimes, you may also find thick and clumpy discharge coming from under the foreskin. At such times, it may not be possible to pull the foreskin back, and you may feel discomfort or pain when passing urine.

Adult Circumcision Surgery as a Permanent Cure for Balanitis

Circumcision in the United States is a common or frequently performed operation in the United States. Although surgeons perform the neonatal circumcision with the use of devices or clamps, without any form of anesthesia, at Circumcision Center, we use the sleeve resection technique.

As you know, circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis. We perform the sleeve resection technique on patients under general anesthesia. After placing a local anesthetic block to control the pain, we excise the sleeve of the foreskin and stop the bleeding with cautery. We then close the skin with soluble sutures.

Is it Possible to Prevent Balanitis?

If you wish to prevent balanitis, then here are some tips on how you can prevent it.

  • Each day, make sure that you wash the glans or end of the penis. Gently pull the foreskin back whilst in the shower and use just water to clean the glans with bland soap. Make sure the penis including the glans is dry completely before you put on underpants.
  • Wash your hands before you go to the toilet or work with chemicals as it could irritate the skin
  • If you experience irritation on the glans, make sure that you consult experts.

At Circumcision Center, we can take care of all your concerns related to your foreskin. Whether you wish to opt for the adult circumcision surgery or need some guidance, we are more than pleased to help you.