Answers to some common questions about Adult Circumcision

Answers to some common questions about Adult Circumcision

April 2023

When patients walk into our Circumcision Center®, there are several reasons why we recommend the procedure to men. As you go through this post, we would like to address some frequently asked questions and what makes our surgery a preferred choice among men in Atlanta. Rest assured that we perform the circumcision procedure under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s choice.

For adult circumcision surgery, we use the sleeve resection technique. In some patients who battle phimosis, we use the dorsal slit technique. However, we prefer the sleeve resection method because it offers better control in the case of heavy or over-bleeding. This is especially common in those patients who have large subcutaneous veins.  This also depends on how well a patient cares for the incisions.

Here are some of the common questions we hear our patients ask us at the Circumcision Center®.

Is It Important to Visit Us Before Deciding on the Cut?

Before the surgery, we advise you to have a consultation visit. The consultation and the time we take is about thirty minutes. The procedure and the consultation could be in the same office and often on the same day.

For What Reasons Do You Perform the Surgery?

At our clinic, the common reasons why men opt for surgery include some medical reasons like posthitis, paraphimosis, and balanitis. There are other non-surgical reasons, such as cosmetic/aesthetic reasons, religious reasons, and social and cultural reasons.

Do You Use Lasers?

Although lasers are a good choice for some other surgical procedures, for adult circumcision, a laser has no benefit as such and potential issues or problems. The job of the laser is simply to cut and nothing else. With the laser, the surgeon cannot control the cut depth. In adult circumcision, it is important that a surgeon should be able to control the cut depth to a good degree. With a laser, too much depth of cut or injury to the urethra could result. At our clinic, we use a scalpel for the procedure.

Is there a Recovery Time for Adult Circumcision?

Although the recovery period depends on how well you care for the incision, we recommend a week of complete rest. In addition, this week should include less activity and less travel.

Will Adult Circumcision Change the Size of the Penis?

Not at all. Keep in mind that the penis structure in anatomy has a length and deep girth than the skin. In circumcision surgery, it’s only the skin that we alter. Hence there is no chance to alter the penile size with adult circumcision.

There are so many other questions that we can answer regarding adult circumcision. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us now.