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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the procedure?

As of 2013, the fee for first-time circumcisions and revisions is $2500. If the foreskin is non-retractable, the fee is $3000. We do not accept insurance for these services.

For what reasons do you perform circumcisions?

The most common reasons for which I perform circumcisions are:

  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Phimosis (tight foreskin)
  • Paraphimosis (inability to pull the retracted foreskin back over the glans)
  • Balanitis and balanoposthitis (inflammation of glans and foreskin)
  • Frenulum breve (short frenulum which tears with intercourse)
  • Diseases of the foreskin, including cancer

How does adult circumcision differ technically from neonatal circumcision?

The basic difference is that neonatal circumcision is usually done with one of several clamp devices that remove redundant foreskin, stop bleeding vessels, and close the skin edges without the need for suturing. The most common of these devices are the GOMCO clamp, introduced in 1934; the Mogen clamp, introduced in 1954; and the Hollister PlastiBell, introduced in 1950. All three bond the skin edges together, obviating the need for a suture closure. The reason adult circumcisions require suturing is that adults get powerful erections during the REM portion of the sleep cycle, which would disrupt a wound held together only by a crushing of the skin edges. The fact that the wound edges must be sutured in adult circumcision creates one of the largest challenges in the operation, specifically, placing sutures without causing scarring. Also, this is the only elective surgical would which we know will come under tension as the result of nocturnal erections. A general principal of surgery is that one shall not make a wound which is closed under tension. Although when flaccid the wound may not be under tension, when the penis is erect, the would will come under tension unless the circumcision is extremely loose. The tension on the sutures can also cause scarring at the location of each suture. Therefore, it is extremely challenging to attempt to get a wound which must be sutured and in which does not require suturing. The adult procedure is definately a cosmetic challenge.

Is a consultation visit necessary prior to deciding on circumcision?

Yes, it is important to have a consultation visit. The consultation is included and the time required is approximately 30 minutes. Both the consultation and procedure may be performed during the same office visit, requiring an overall time of one and a half hours.

Do you treat non-US citizens?

Yes, we gladly treat patients from any country. There are many low fares into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and our location is a convenient 30-minute train ride by MARTA. Travel information can be found here.

I am traveling into Atlanta specifically for this procedure. How long will I need to stay and do you recommend any hotels nearby?

If I had my wish, all my patients would remain in Atlanta for several weeks to allow complete wound healing. This is not practical for most men. The majority of my patients travel out of Atlanta within 48 hours of the procedure and have no problems.

What is the recovery time for adults after circumcision?

I suggest a week of moderate activity following circumcision. Sedentary activity and travel is possible the same day.

What technique do you use for adult circumcision?

I use the free hand or sleeve resection technique most commonly. The incision lines are marked on the inner (mucosal) and outer layers of the foreskin where the patient wishes. Incisions are done with a scalpel rather than scissors as it gives a more precise incision. Skin closure is with absorbable sutures of the quality used for plastic surgical procedures.

Will having a circumcision change the size of my penis?

Absolutely not. The structures of the penis that give it length and girth are deeper in the anatomy than the skin. The skin is the only component that is altered with a circumcision, therefore there is no possibility of altering penile size with a circumcision.

Can you perform revisions to improve the cosmetic appearance or tightness of an earlier circumcision?

Yes, this is a frequently performed procedure in the office.

I had an adult circumcision with with I am unhappy due to visible suture marks. Can you do a revision and eradicate these?

You can see photographic examples of some outcomes of revision in the Outcome Images section on the website. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of any cosmetic procedure as there are wound healing differences from one patient to another. I have found with experience that revisions tend to heal with somewhat more scarring than initial procedures. This would seem to be the result of the blood supply to the wound edges having been altered (reduced) by the prior circumcision. That being said, it is still worth making an effort at revision, but, with realistic expectations.

Do you have an age limitation for circumcision?

No, in fact, I have performed circumcision for men over eighty years of age. The more important factor is the state of their general health to allow for minor surgery. However, minimum age is 18.

Will I be sedated for this procedure?

The injection is done at the base of the penis utilizing a short acting product called Lidocaine. The patient usually only feels several needle sticks and after that, no discomfort.

What if I am uncomfortable with having the procedure performed using local anesthesia?

If you are afraid of needles and/or tend to become faint at the sight of needles, it would be best to have your procedure performed under general anesthesia. Please contact my office to speak with a member of my staff about scheduling the procedure to be performed under general anesthesia.

Do you do frenulectomy (removal of frenulum)?

Yes, I do this if the patient desires it, either at the time of circumcision or as a separate procedure.

Do you recommend removal of the frenulum in adult circumcision?

The frenulum is a structure which is not identical in configuration from man to man. I suggest removing it only if it detracts from the overall aesthetic appearance.

Do you perform circumcision for cosmetic reasons?

I respect the aesthetic wishes of my patients and will gladly perform circumcisions for purely cosmetic reasons.

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